“Fruity” Jewelry by Famous Designers

Fashion designers never cease to amaze us with their ideas and creations. This time they came up with fruity dazzling jewels, perfect to wear in summer. These unique fashion accessories can complement any summer outfit or completely transform it.

Cherry Statement Necklace by Gucci

gucciImage source: gucci.com

Banana Diamond Earring and Banana Ring by Natasha Zinko

zinkoImage source: brownsfashion.com

Banana Necklace by Dolce & Gabbana

Untitled collageImage source: brownsfashion.com

Mythology Pineapple Pendant by Annoushka

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/source/annoushka.com/

You may also like these stunning seafood designs embellished with colored gemstones and precious metals:

Lobster Amulet by Annoushka

Image source: Annoushka.com

Sushi Jewellery by Nadine Ghosn

tonx0330_copie_jpg_581_north_499x_whiteImage source: vogue.fr

1493216037p1fImage source: nadineghosn.com


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