Black Friday Facts

Today is Black Friday, when shoppers look for discounts online and in stores. Whether they’re looking for the newest, most advanced tech device or the perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve, buyers know retailers will offer some of their best deals during this time.


1. Electronics is the most popular category of Black Friday shopping. 59% of buyers are going to look for cheap tablets and smartphones.
Clothes come next – 47% of shoppers are intended to get new apparel and accessories items.

2. People spend about $50-60 billion on Black Friday – crazy amount of money.

3. Monday after Black Friday is called “Cyber Monday” – a day of online shopping. Many online shops offer big sales on this day.

4. Although Black Friday is not the only day with big sales, it is the most popular in the world: this tradition took Russia, Norway, France, and many other.

5. Walmart broke the Black Friday tradition in 2011, when it opened its store on Thanksgiving evening. Ever since, retailers have been in a race to catch up and now, 33 million Americans said they planned to shop immediately after turkey.